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Certification for Russia: Gost R, EAC, TR

Russian certification

It is vital that all goods sold in Russia are certified. European certification isn’t valid in Russia and the CIS so it’s necessary to comply with regional regulations that can vary.

Certificate types in Russia

Russian laws Is continually evolving. Some requirements are voluntary whilst others are mandatory. And the only certain way to spot which certificates are required is to refer to the HS customs code and verify the requirements listed on the Russian TN-VED enroll.

Provisional certifications like the so-called ‘Gost R’ are progressively replaced by certifications and EAC conformity declarations. The laws also often make a derogation from technical regulations (TR) which lay down essential security requirements.

Furthermore many products can also be subject to health certificates. These include children’s clothing, toys, machines, technical products, pharmaceuticals, household substances and cosmetics.

Why some help is unhelpful

Many Italian websites promote and provide certification services for businesses which are looking to export to Russia. These Italian companies can request and get certificates. But importing to Russia is not so easy. Because only Russian certificate institutes that are officially licensed by the government are allowed to manage the processes.

 An European company can request and obtain under its own name only the voluntary Gost R certificate. However, it is not a valid certificate for importation into Russia. For customs clearance, it is necessary to present the certificates issued to the local company that will declare the goods.

Moreover if the applicant makes a single slip with the paperwork then the entire process can be stalled for ages or even halted. So hoping to start and manage the certification procedure from Europe may be wishful thinking.

Online Russia’s certification service

It is easy to despair. Most European companies would not know where to begin. They don’t have the existing contacts or sales-channels. But they would like to sell into Russia. But the task becomes harder when it is realized that Russian vendors will not usually help. They are unlikely to Initiate the certification process, or be in any way responsible for the work or expense involved, if they don’t know the product and how profitable it will be. So they won’t touch it, ordinarily, until it is safely imported into Russia with the product already accredited, cleared and in stock.

The way to overcome those issues without incurring an opportunity cost is to buy in Online Russia’s simple-to-understand, rapid and innovative support. Because we can act as importers since we’re formally licensed. And so we can request and obtain all of the necessary certifications, something that would normally involve examinations and laboratory tests to guarantee standards. Moreover we can sign a logistic services deal with my Russian company. And we can oversee digital payments.

Certification processes with which we’re already familiar include Gost R, non-hazardous materials, explosion protection and fire safety, the RTN (RosTekhNadzor), technical passports, construction materials, epidemiology, the environment and shipping.

Once we’ve secured the necessary certificates, which are usually valid for 5 years, we can proceed to customs clearance ourselves or involve any third parties indicated by clients.

certification Gost R

Types of Russian certificates

Below is the list of certificates that can be applied through Online Russia:

  • Certifications and Declarations of Conformity (GOST R and EAC);
  • Explosion protection certificate (ATEX);
  • Weapons and Ammunition;
  • RTN (RosTekhNadzor) Permit To Use (PTU);
  • Technical Passports;
  • Fire Safety Certification;
  • Certificates of Hygiene;
  • Certification for Construction Materials (GOSSTROY);
  • Health Certificates (SNR) and Epidemiological;
  • Environmental Certificates;
  • Vehicle Approval;
  • Approval of Boats;
  • Declarations of a “Non-Hazardous.” 

Once certification is obtained, we can proceed directly to customs clearance or delegate this process to any third parties indicated by the customer.

Most of the certificates are valid for five years. Our service agreement specifies that the customer has the full legal rights to use the certification for all permitted uses.

The customs-cleared goods remain the exclusive property of the seller who freely disposes of them, transferring them immediately to the distributor or awaiting the sale, depositing them at our warehouse in Moscow.

Furthermore, on request, we can carry out swift deliveries throughout Russia with our logistics and manage electronic and cash payment and transactions upon delivery.



To get further information on how to sell in Russia, and a fixed or provisional quote, please contact us “Contacts”


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