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How to sell online to Russia

Having lived in Russia since 2002 the most frequent question that European companies ask me is: “How is It possible to sell to the Russians”? And my answer amounts to “If you want a quick result then it is through online sales using existing and widespread local e-commerce platforms”.

E-commerce in Russia

In Europe, internet users mainly purchase their online products from Amazon and eBay. In Russia, the e-commerce sales model is considerably different. 65% of online purchases in Russia are made directly from Russian E-commerce platforms. Only 35% of Russian internet users purchase products from overseas websites. Aliexpress is in a dominant market position, as we represent one of the leading offshore e-commerce platforms that are tried and trusted by Russian customers.

I invite you to download the e-commerce manual in Russia for free.

Sell in RussiaDownload the e-commerce guide

Online Russia provides an immediate and effective sales tool for European entrepreneurs to sell “Online” to the captive Russian market. We have signed commercial agreements with the major online sales platforms of Russia to include the products of international sellers in their e-commerce platforms.

The most appropriate and valued items are Those made in Europe  that, by type, size and weight, can be sent by post or courier:

  • Women’s clothes.
  • Child clothing.
  • Costume jewellery
  • Cosmetics.
  • Leather goods: shoes, bags, gloves, belts, Purses and pockets.
  • Sun glasses.
  • Accessories for home furnishings.
  • Articles for sport and free time.
  • Travels and tickets.


The services of Online Russia

We support European companies, we take care of the whole process from the importation into the purchase by carrying out these activities:

  • Translation of texts and presentations Processing of photos and videos
  • Inclusion of products in the TOP 10 Russian marketplaces
  • Weekly reports on visits and earnings
  • SEO on Yandex and
  • Production of webpages on the most popular Social networks in Russia
  • 24H web and phone customer Support in Russian
  • Support for European partners in mother language
  • Certification
  • Processing of personal data in Compliance with Russian legislation
  • Import and customs clearance
  • Stocking
  • Logistics, delivery throughout Russia
  • Payment management


To start selling European products in the TOP 10 Russian e-market, the cost of the monthly subscription is $67. Online Russia will retain a 15% commission on all sales.

The seller bears the shipping costs, customs Duties and any certification.

These costs will need to be taken into account in the formation of the purchase price and approximately have an average of 25%.



A) For products whose unit sales cost is less than 200 euros.

The seller can send their stock to Moscow, which will be deposited, for an agreed period, at our secure warehouse. Here’s the photo:

warehouse OnlineRussia

If the price of the single product doesn’t exceed 200 euros it is not in fact convenient to ship the items one at a time from Europe. The expense of shipping and any withdrawal would negatively affect revenues. For example, the price for shipping from Italy to Russia with EMS around 1 KG is 43 euros, up to 3 KG 48 euros.

For imports of higher weight and volumes, it’s preferable to use road logistics services. The amount of the items sold net of the Commissions will be paid to the vendor with monthly deadlines.

B) For items whose unit sales price is over 200 Euros.

In Cases like This the seller can send the Product Individually after receiving the purchase. The buyer will be given a delivery time of 15 days.

However, I recommend investing in the Dispatch of a stock, even a minimal one, to speed up delivery times and distribute shipping costs.

Customized proposal

To get additional details and choose the Solution that best meets your requirements, I invite you to contact me using the “Contacts” page of my site.

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