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E-commerce regulations in Russia

E-commerce and privacy regulations in Russia

In this post we have summarized the main regulations regarding e-commerce in Russia with the purpose of providing a ready-reference overview…

Processing and treatment of personal data in Russia

Law № 152 – FZ came into force from 1st September 2015.  Foreign companies are allowed to “migrate” personal data of Russian customers on servers abroad, only if such data has already been registered on servers located in Russia.

Under it individuals / legal entities / e-commerce operators which utilize personal data on Russian citizens are obliged to:

  • Obtain explicit consent, ensuring subject protection and privacy, before the data is harvested
  • Store this information on servers located, in the first instance, on Russian territory
  • Duplicate the data on servers abroad.

The definition of ‘personal data’ includes ‘all the information which may provide a unique recognition of a person’.

Online Russia has agreements with specialized and Russian-Government-accredited data companies to fulfil its obligations and those of its clients.


Consumer protection for online purchases in Russia

The online shopping from Russian customers is regulated by art.1 RF of 7 February 1992 n. 2300-1. It provides comprehensive protective consumer rights which are broadly comparable with those across Europe. Disputes that arise from online shopping must be resolved in line with this law. Essentially it says that:

    • The consumer must be fed accurate information on the product via brochures, pamphlets, photos, video, or media of another type
    • The buyer must know the address of the seller, the price of the goods, the payment details and of the period during which offers are valid
    • The buyer must be given, in writing, specifications, the return policy and a warranty card
    • The buyer has the right to withdraw from an online shopping, before delivery of the goods.
    • The buyer has the right to withdraw from an e-commerce, for 7 days after delivery of the goods, returning items in good order, without explanation
  • The buyer has the right to withdraw from an e-commerce, for 90 days after delivery of the goods, If the receipt and aforementioned paperwork is absent
  • The buyer has a right in those circumstances to a refund within 10 days from the date of the withdrawal request
  • The vendor does not have to reimburse shipping costs
  • Consumers lose such rights in the case of bespoke / made-to-measure items such as clothing and footwear.

How Online Russia can help you

We provide legal and fiscal assistance as well as an array of management tools to European companies that are interested in launching or developing e-commerce in Russia. See the link below for the article ‘How to sell online to the Russian’.

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How to sell online to the Russian

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