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Guide to e-commerce in Russia

How to sell online in Russia

Survival of the fittest

The geopolitical crisis and the sanctions have discouraged many European companies from investing in Russia by opening new offices and shops. This situation has created a sort of natural selection because only the most motivated and trusted companies have consolidated their position.

Consequently European companies are now less likely to have a costly physical presence. Instead they opt for e-commerce as the risks and investments are minimal. Yet even e-commerce in Russia, or anywhere else, can fail. So it requires a serious approach and an in-depth knowledge of all the specifications and problems.

A lot to play for

Russia is a vast market and such an undertaking requires clearly defined objectives, strategies and budgets.

It’s worth realizing that a single district of Moscow will have a population bigger than many European cities. So a company only has to sell well in one area to achieve a significant increase in turnover.

Yet products stamped ‘Made in Europe’ is no guarantee of viability. The Russian consumer has evolved since the fall of the Soviet Union. They know what they want.

Local Russian Marketplaces

Selling directly via your own company website in Russia requires time, strategy and resources. But, with all of these present, selling will present many difficulties. For this reason it is advisable instead to forget your own site. And instead to use Russian local marketplaces that already enjoy substantial visitor traffic.

Online Russia’s dedicated services allow clients access to top Russian marketplaces in order to sell in a simple, fast and effective way.

Find out how to get started by reading our guide. INIZIA

It will help you to understand the market and encourage you to sell online to the Russians.

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