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How to sell to the Russian customers

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Selling to the Russian customers. The current barriers

Selling into Russia effectively despite sanctions, which are largely on foodstuff, is possible. European start-ups or established businesses have several routes to market but none are easy…

  • Cooperation

Locating capable local partners in Russia is not simple, since business concepts, conduct and communication are all at odds with their European counterparts. As a consequence of this, it can be difficult for Europeans to source reliable market intelligence on something as basic as purchasing habits. And such are the difficulties with cooperation that, unless overcome, they could scupper the chances of profitability.

  • Create a local company

It is certainly worthwhile for European SMEs to invest in Russia, localizing the business, consolidating their position and selling direct to clients or the public “Representation services in Russia”

representation-services-MoscowVirtual office.

Online sales

Selling in Russia straight from Europe through Its company website isn’t easy and hides many disadvantages.

sell online

From an IT standpoint, the Russian Search engines use different algorithms from the European types and punish the domains using a different extension in the local one (.ru).

The texts of the site has to be translated by Interpreters of Russian mother language and the keywords searched and congenital according to the logic of local search engines.

Only Russian companies specializing in SEO Optimization can get good results in indexing the website on search engines like Yandex or even For more information or a quotation on SEO campaigns write to “My Consulting”.

The Significant Russian search engines supply a Reasonable visibility only with paid services that sometimes involve a substantial investment and a constant effort.

Social networks in Russia are also Very supportive of online sales and need constant updating and advancement by qualified employees.

Communication with customers and on-site Assistance are of fundamental importance. The Russians are extremely demanding and feel much more secure if there’s a local assistance center to get hold of along with also a mother language interlocutor.

Shipping to Russia

Another fundamental aspect is shipping. It Is sufficient to make a error and compile a few details since the shipment doesn’t reach its destination. The Russian customs are extremely strict and in most cases the shipment by an European company to a private one ends with a return to the sender, together with the confiscation of these goods by the customs or with long waits. Shipment times are significant because the Russian customer is usually not responsible for waiting for goods over fourteen days.

For this reason we dedicate to our partners a deposit in Moscow where the goods are ready to be delivered to the customer in a few days.

vendere in Russia

Many products require Russian certification certification in Russia. Without which the goods are blocked in customs. These are a few forms of products such as: cosmetics, clothing, footwear, toys, food, etc.. Only a Russian company or the importer can get them.

Without a local partner, It’s also Hard to handle payments. Many customers still prefer to pay cash on delivery to the courier, cash or credit card.

Finally, the issues related to this Management of refunds as envisaged by the Russian law are to be considered. Sometimes the delivery price exceeds the value of the merchandise or the client does not wish to queue up in the post office or doesn’t understand how to properly complete the customs declaration and other files.

All these issues can be overcome with Our service. Read the presentation of my project to discover how to begin selling instantly.

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Sell into Russia

The affiliation to Online Russia “allows to fix the difficulties listed above since we take care of importing, logistics, sales and marketing. It also guarantees that the positioning in the top rated online Russian marketplaces and search engines with high results concerning sales and visibility.

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