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Logistics services and renting warehouse space in Russia.

Logistics services and renting warehouse space in Russia.

We are not just an online service. We’re there on the ground too!

As this page demonstrates, Online Russia is perhaps a misnomer. Because we are not simply an e-commerce commerce service. We have a physical presence too, and we can economically join the dots for companies looking to export to Russia, to store and sell their goods there, and to provide an after-sales service.

Secure warehousing

For many European companies that wish to sell their products in Russia, having a warehouse in Moscow for their storage, and perhaps for the storage of components and/or spares, might be a necessity rather than a luxury.

European companies often utilize me as a negotiator who, when a Russian purchaser orders merchandise from Europe, makes the arrangements for transport, certification and customs clearance. This is important because most Russians – and certainly supermarket chains – will only pay for goods that are already in Russia and have cleared customs.

In this sense European products, whatever the brand and sector, face competition from their nearest Russian equivalent. The logistics are critical and it is important that importers recognize the importance of smooth transitions – especially when the goods are perishable so they need to be on the retailers’ shelves as quickly as possible.

Russian contracts and logistical complexity

In Russia contracts are subject to strict laws and enforcement, so distributors violate contracts at their peril. The Chinese have been quite successful at penetrating the Russian system; they simply keep cash and stock in Russia – and are masterful logisticians. Aliexpress is an example of this. Because 70% of their orders are already in stock on Russian soil and ready to distribute.

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How Online Russia could help you 


Online Russia can be relied upon to locate, and rent for its clients, suitable and secure warehouse spaces in Russia. In that way goods can be temporarily stored, making it easier to be more responsive to Russian orders. We can similarly organize the rental of retail outlets and similar. In both cases we would probably organize a shortlist and then, when it is convenient, take clients on a tour so they can make a final selection. And we can, of course, manage all of the intrinsic logistics. We can even organize all the paperwork for imports and duty-payments. And we can acquire test-certificates (in respect of compliance with product and trading standards) where applicable. In normal circumstances we can ensure distribution within 2 to 5 days of arrival in Russia, after which we can assist as required with sales and payment.

Online Russia has its own storage too!

Online Russia has over 2,500 square meters of warehousing in strategic locations including Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod, St. Petersburg and Vladimir.

These facilities may be rented in the short, medium and long-term. All are equipped with video-surveillance, subject to 24-hour supervision, and their contents are insured against fire and theft. Those contents may not include anything hazardous, but extend to marketing collateral such as exhibition stands, samples and catalogues as well as machinery and equipment.


To get further information on how to sell in Russia, and a fixed or provisional quote, please contact us.


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