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In outline

Online Russia provides European clients Interested in the Russian market with a series of representation and consulting services to swiftly and efficiently enable promotional launches in Russia. We don’t just deal with new businesses, but also help to optimize and develop existing ones. Additionally we host a ‘virtual office’ service in Moscow which allows operations to have a cost-effective and time-efficient footprint in Russia’s capital.

A presence at fairs, exhibitions and conferences – and a follow-up service to cement relationships

Many European companies which participate in Russian fairs, conferences and exhibitions make great contacts with potential clients. But they don’t convert these to sales because of the barriers to communication. These barriers are broadly physical, psychological, linguistic and cultural. It may seem that mastering the Russian language is important but understanding the Russian mindset, its people’s mentality, is critical. And so too is the need to have an understanding of consumer needs and values.

To that end we can follow up such events for you. And even be present at them!

Virtual office in Russia

Russian clients are not easily won at a distance. So a local office or representative in Moscow is a game-changer. But many European SMEs can’t afford the investment.

An example? A rental in Moscow might typically be at 450 euros a square metre, so a 60 square metre office would cost 324,000 Euros a year. That won’t include the phone and internet, cleaning, power and more, which might add another 9,000 Euros a year. So you’d be up to a third of a million Euros before you factor in the costs of hiring and paying staff. In Moscow even a secretary will cost over 30,000 Euros a year. And so a conservative staffing bill will be 100,000 Euros a year.

Ufficio virtuale a Mosca

Thus, for those with insufficient means to have a real footprint in Moscow, the most economical and efficient alternative is Online Russia. Not only does it save the costs of a physical presence but it lets our clients take advantage of our consultancy, logistics and sales services. Importantly we can provide a well-briefed Russian-speaking representative too, usually at short notice.



    • We support European companies in Russia with legal, fiscal and industrial consulting services.
    • We help those who are interested in starting a new business in Russia or need to promote their services and products.
    • We serve as a connection with local partners and institutions.
    • We protect and guide European companies that wish to connect with local partners and clients.
    • We promote brands, services and products with local advertising and marketing strategies.


    We provide a personalised representation service to companies which don’t have an office in Russia and yet wish to deal with the businesses there, relying upon our structure with considerable savings and advantages.



    • Virtual workplace.
    • Organizing and preparing presentations as well as meetings.
    • Personal supervision of projects.
    • Multilingual secretarial support.
    • Dedicated phone lines.
    • Addresses for correspondence.
    • Organization of events, stands and other showcases.
    • Relations with clients.
    • Legal and financial aid.
    • Translation support and a visa service.
    • Receptionists.
    • Logistical and customs support.
    • Web coding and graphic design.
    • Advertising.
    • Newsletters and updates on the Russian marketplace.


    Contact us for more information about services.



    • Market research and analysis.
    • Evaluations of costs and benefits.
    • Competitor analysis.
    • Marketing plans and strategies.
    • Customer searches.
    • Public relations.
    • Advertising campaigns.
    • Graphic and web design solutions.
    • Business development.
    • Organization of events and presentations.


    • Business plans.
    • Market research and analysis.
    • Financial plans.
    • Registration of new businesses.
    • Search and selection of employees.
    • Legal and financial assistance.
    • Translations and visa service.
    • Representation services.


    We support companies in obtaining any certification or permit needed to operate, market and sell in Russia.

    Read my post below.

    Gost R Certifications in Russia


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